Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies do not happen often. But when they do – having a qualified, caring professional is priceless. At Colorado Dental Co. we do everything possible to help our patients PREVENT untimely dental crises. We strongly advocate routine visits which help detect problems before they occur. However not all emergencies can be predicted or avoided.

So what exactly constitutes a dental emergency?

1)      Visible swelling 

2)      Uncontrollable bleeding

3)      Obvious facial trauma or cosmetic deformity

4)      Severe pain which is unmanageable

Whether you are experiencing a dental emergency on a Wednesday afternoon or on Saturday night – we offer a range of provisions to get you through your time of distress. We always have a dental professional on call to triage urgent after hours needs. During regular business hours we maintain time in our schedule to see and provide prompt relief until we can accommodate you for more extensive measures. Here is how we do EMERGENT care:

Emergency Services We Provide In Our Office

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